Day 60 Still looking for full time work and My Current Cover Letter

Well day 60 and still looking for a Full time Job with my current skills. Thought I would post my cover letter. I think it is a little verbose, but hey, thats just me 😛 !! Hopefully a potential employer will happen across my blog and extend a job or at the very least an interview. Oh well here it goes. If you want to see my cover letter click the following link: My Current Cover Letter. Well hope every one is doing well. Let me know what you think to long? Not enough information? Y’all be the judge.


Cats that Listen to Music

OKAY!! I haven’t blogged in a while so sue me. But Not sure if you guys have seen this but i just had to share this. this is sooo Hilarious!!

Tell me what you think

Cat listening to HOUSE music

Cat listening to Hip Hop

Cat listening to Metal

Cat listening to Stevie Wonder

Cat listening to GANGSTA RAP

Cat listening to Techno (on Ecstasy)

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