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To Claim or not to Claim

I dropped my phone this morning getting into my car. It hit pretty hard upper left corner of the device. it actually struck the door sill panel the battery panel popped off and the batter fell out and the phone landed face first on the garage floor. I drive a 2010 camaro the car sits pretty low so it didn’t have to far to fall. I have a zagg screen protector so no scratches on the screen nor did the screen crack or shatter (much to my surprise).

There is, however, a noticeable Chip on the housing in the Upper left corner above the HTC logo. This is surprising to me because I have heard many stories of the screen shattering falling on that part of the device.:huh:

My question is this. I have insurance on my phone. I am very anal about how my phone looks and operates and it having ANY scratches or nicks on it(nearly OCD):hee:. I have rooted the device, I have a great ROM i REALLY LIKE (kings unleashed rom Ultra Blakk R3).

Sooo.. Do i make the Claim?
Great ROM
Phone is FAST
Get a new or near new Phone (refurbished)
Phone may act funny do to the drop (later on)

Backing up the Device (starting over)
Going through the Process of Rooting
Clearing the Phone back to Original Stock ROM
Spending the $100 Deductible (100 on bill)

I’m sure I can think of more so this where I need your opinions folks.

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To Claim or Not to Claim
Go For It Don’t Do It