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When and What is the Best Day to Weigh Yourself??

I have often asked that my self. I am constantly weighing my self every morning and usually after I go to the bathroom. Someone once told me that is supposedly a “dry” weight,  Don’t really know what that means though,

Anyways.. I receive and news letter from Bio Trust asking this very same question and it states the following is an excerpt from the news letter.:


By: Joel Marion, CISSN
Co-Founder, BioTrust Nutrition

Did you know there’s ONE day of the week that is better than all the others when it comes to weighing yourself to track your weight loss efforts?  It’s true, and a new study by the Public Library of Science discovered that the best day each week is Wednesday.  Let me explain.

First off, if you’ve been reading this newsletter for a while then you know we recommend only weighing yourself once per week (and not daily weigh-ins) when monitoring your weight.  Reason being, weight naturally fluctuates from day to day and stepping on the scale daily will only prove to be a very discouraging practice as you see the numbers go up and down all over the place throughout the week.

Instead, by weighing yourself only once a week at the same time of day (we recommend first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything) you’ll get a much more consistent reading and a true measure of your week-to-week progress.

So why Wednesday?

Well, the Public Library of Science study showed two things:

1. When maintaining weight, Wednesday was found to have the least week-to-week fluctuation, so you’ll get the most accurate reading by weighing in on Wednesday.

2. Wednesday also just so happened to be the day when people weighed the least each week.

Since folks tend to indulge more on the weekends, this makes perfect sense.  You’ll weigh the least and get the most accurate reading by weighing yourself smack dab in the middle of the week each week.

What to do with this information:  Weigh yourself only once a week, on Wednesday morning, first thing when you wake up and before eating or drinking anything.

Do that and you’ll get the most accurate picture of your weekly weight loss progress!”

Very good advice and will be using that rule here on out.

Let me know what you think? Leave a comment would love to hear from you.

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